Advertising Rates:

SIZE 1 ISSUE     3 ISSUES (10% Discount)
Quarter Page Advert £42 £113.40 (£37.80) 90mm x 60mm portrait or
42mm x 127mm landscape
Half Page Advert £72 £194.40 (£64.80) 185mm x60mm portrait or
90mm x 127mm landscape
Full Page Advert £128 £345.60 (£115.20 185mm x 127mm or full bleed
2 Full Page Adverts £246 £664.20 (221.40) 2 185 X 127mm or full bleed
1/8th Page Advert £66.00 (no discount) 42mm x 61mm

SPECIAL POSITIONS: Inside Front Cover +25%, Inside Back Cover +20%, Outside Back Cover +40%. Page 3 +17%. P5 +15%. Any other page placement +£10 All subject to availability (Full Colour only).
CENTRE PAGE SPREAD: 2 Page Centre Spread £275
COPY DEADLINE: All advertisements and other copy (including any changes) must be received by the 20th of each month preceding cover date.
BOX NUMBERS: Sorry ‐ we don’t accept ads with P.O. Box numbers.
INSERTS: £30 per thousand
CANCELLATION: Notice must be received in writing/email by 18th of month preceding cover date.