CALLING ALL KNITTERS: Local #SCARFIE campaign returns for second year

 It always pays to be prepared for winter and preparations are well underway across the health and care system in south east Essex.  Local health professionals are encouraging people with Asthma, COPD and other respiratory illnesses to wear a scarf this winter to ease their breathing and keep well. To support this aim, a team of respiratory clinical nurse specialists at Southend Hospital are campaigning for the local community to help out so that they can provide hand-knitted scarves to local people who are attending special winter-ready clinics.

  • We need 150 scarves by 12th October 2018.

Winter ready clinics will take place at the hospital and in the community, to help support people living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) to stay well throughout winter.

Helen Smith, Respiratory clinical nurse, Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust and lead for the #scarfie project 2018 said:

“Breathing in cold air irritates the airways and increases the risk of an exacerbation of symptoms in people with COPD; increased breathlessness, worsening cough, reduced exercise tolerance, an increase in sputum production. The likelihood of hospital admissions during the winter months is much higher for people with COPD.

Simply wrapping a scarf loosely over the nose and mouth can help protect people from respiratory infections and exacerbations. It does so by warming up the air before breathing it in.  We’d be incredibly grateful for any scarfie donations – the knit and natter group at Knitting Emporium in Hadleigh have already offered their time and wool to knit 15 scarves for us.”

If you can knit, or crochet, pick up your needles… The Scarfie Project needs you !!

In a non-itchy, machine-washable, subtle-coloured, wool. Knit, stitch and purl away.
Please send all your completed scarves to:
73 Bowers Road
Essex SS7 1BH

Please include a short note of who you are, where you are from and if you wish, why you decided to knit a scarfie for us.

Dr Sharon Hadley, local GP and respiratory lead for Southend CCG said: “By wearing a scarf, people warm up their breath before it goes into their lungs and can help to ease any respiratory conditions from getting worse in the colder weather.”

With almost 4,000 hospital admissions linked to respiratory conditions during the months of October 2017 to March 2018 and 4,800 trips to A&E – this simple tip could help many people stay well this winter.”

 7,966 people living in Southend and Castle Point and Rochford have a recorded diagnosis of COPD and 21,925 with a recorded diagnosis of asthma.

Anyone can get involved in #Scarfie – all you need to do is take a selfie with a scarf covering your nose and mouth and post to Twitter or Instagram.

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